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Mines & Quarries Applications

Mine dewatering is made easy with Thompson Pump. Thompson offers a large line of heavy-duty cast-iron pumps built to withstand the elements; each equipped with a reliable priming system for minimal downtown and fuel efficiency.

Thompson’s pumps provide the high-volume and solids-handling capabilities required to help keep mines running efficiently. Its line of hydraulic submersible pumps and power units eliminates suction lift limitations that happen when pumping out excavations exceeding 25 feet deep.


  • General Dewatering
  • High-head Dewatering
  • High-volume Dewatering
  • Mud, Slurry and Sludge Removal
  • Open Pit and Quarry Dewatering
  • Retention Ponds
  • Stormwater, Flood and Shoreline Control
  • Surface Water Drawdown
  • Tailings
  • Trench and Rim Ditch Dewatering
  • Wash-down Operations