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Quality Management & Manufacturing Capabilities


Thompson Pump is one of the select pump companies to have obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification. The globally recognized certification was granted following independent testing and assessment of the company’s quality management systems and manufacturing capabilities. ISO 9001 recognizes companies that meet strict criteria for manufacturing standards. The ISO 9001 certification is considered the highest standard for quality assurance. To achieve certification, companies must have a comprehensive quality management system that addresses all areas of its operation.


Product design and development activities are carefully planned and executed by qualified personnel. Feedback from all relevant departments is used to support and improve the quality of designs and to identify areas for new and improved product development.

All orders are carefully reviewed to determine if Thompson Pump has the capability to meet order requirements. We will provide an acknowledgment letter to the customer and an internal work order to manufacturing detailing all of the customer’s requirements.

Suppliers are evaluated and selected based on their ability to meet the contract requirements. Thompson Pump maintains a documented system to ensure that any items obtained from outside vendors that may, in whole or part be used in the manufacture of customers’ products conform to specified requirements.

Manufacturing activities are carefully planned and executed by qualified personnel under controlled conditions. Process plans are prepared for every customer order and are used to detail the necessary steps to complete each production task and to establish clear criteria for workmanship.

Strict criteria are provided for accepting product. All measuring equipment used for verifying the quality of product is calibrated.

When it comes to handling, storage, packaging, preservation and delivery, methods and procedures are implemented to prevent damage to the product during all stages of production. All personnel handling the product receive specialized training before carrying out assigned duties.

Records and test certificates are kept for all customers’ orders to demonstrate conformance to our quality system standards. These records include traceability of materials and components that went into producing the final product. Quality records are available for evaluation by our customers upon request.

Periodic internal audits are conducted, in addition to the regularly scheduled registration audits, to check and verify our quality system and to ensure that our system is effective in providing quality products and services.

Thompson Pump maintains a documented system to analyze, prevent, and correct problems and to continuously improve our quality system.