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The JSC series centrifugal pumps provide automatic self-priming, large solids handling up to 4 inches and feature the exclusive Thompson Pump Enviroprime System®.

These compressor-assisted pumps lead the industry in sewer bypass, emergency response and any high-head/high-volume applications. Heavy-duty, dry-priming with auto-start and compact design options make this pump the ideal solution for most jobs.



The JSC’s Enviroprime System® uses an air compressor to separate air from water, which keeps the pump’s venturi from clogging. An air compressor supplies air to a venturi, providing powerful suction to the chamber located at the pump inlet. The chamber empties air from the pump’s suction line causing it to fill with water. When the suction line is fully primed, an internal float rises in the Enviroprime System® chamber, shutting off the air suction.


  • Flows up to 10,500 gpm
  • Discharge heads up to 340 feet
  • Suction lift up to 28 feet
  • Solids handling up to 4 inches
  • Compressor-assisted dry-priming with fully automatic priming and re-priming using the exclusive Enviroprime System® prevents blow-by of sewage, effluent and waste discharge onto the ground
  • Available with auto-start control and safety shutdown
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel shaft sleeve and tungsten carbide vs. silicone-carbide grease lubricated mechanical seal
  • Final Tier 4 diesel engines
  • Also available with gasoline, propane, natural gas and electric motors
  • 12-month limited warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship
  • Limited lifetime warranty on venturi system


Consult factory for other versions & options.

Unit Model Size (In.) Max Head (Ft.) Max Capacity (GPM) Max Solids (In.)
4JSCC 4 215 1520 3
4JSCM 4 135 1350 3
6JSCE 6 190 2680 3
6JSCEE 6 110 2250 3
8JSCE 8 273 3200 3
10JSCG 10 218 4100 3
12JSCG 12 340 5180 3.38
12JSCJ 12 110 7500 3
18JSCJ 18 195 8800 3
18JSCK 18 130 10500 4


Recon Telemetry System
Pump is operated and monitored through cellular, satellite and Wi-Fi, allowing access to pump metrics, the ability to pull reports, and to set alarms through a digital dashboard.

Silent Knight®
Sound-attenuated canopy reduces pump sound levels to or below 69 dBA. Fully insulated, weather-proof and lockable, the Arctic Night® variation is ideal for extremely cold temperatures.

Self-Cleaning Impeller
Serrated wear plate shreds apart stringy materials, preventing ragging and reducing pump clogging. Significantly decreases pump maintenance time. Ideal for sewer bypass.