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Thompson’s Hydraulic Submersible Pump Heads provide a powerful answer when high heads or high lifts become a factor on job sites, with the ability to handle up to 4.25-inch solids and heads up to 245 feet.

These unique variable speed and variable flow hydraulically driven submersible pumps and power units are manufactured from heavy-duty cast iron and steel for high reliability.


Thompson’s hydraulically driven submersible pumps enable the power unit to remain high and dry while the pump head is submerged in the liquid being pumped. There is no need to worry about suction lift limitations. These pumps are designed to run dry without damage to the components and are engineered to handle liquids from muddy trash-laden water to sewage and sludge.


  • Flows up to 7,300 gpm
  • Discharge heads up to 245 feet
  • Suction lift limitations eliminated with pump head submerged in water
  • Solids handling up to 4 inches
  • Unique 3-line system connecting high-pressure, low-pressure and emergency bypass hoses from the pump head to the power unit
  • Corrosion-resistant and durable strainer retains pump function vs. sludge, muddy water, sewage and more
  • Low oil level/high oil temperature auto shut-down system
  • Optional auto-start and variable speed controls
  • Replaceable wear plates and cutwaters as well as tungsten carbide mechanical seal with Viton elastomers
  • Biodegradable lubricants for environmentally sensitive applications
  • 50 feet of hydraulic hose included
  • 12-month limited warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship


Consult factory for other versions & options.

Unit Model Size (In.) Max Head (Ft.) Max Capacity (GPM) Max Solids (In.)
40HST 4 130 1300 3
46HST 6 130 1575 3
60HST 6 130 2025 3
68HST 8 75 2300 3
80HST 8 140 2600 3
88HST 8 245 3250 3
120HST 12 100 7300 4.25


Power units available skid-mounted or trailer-mounted.

Flotation Barrels
2-barrel or 4-barrel flotation device is available for proper positioning while submerged.