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These versatile pumps are low maintenance, easy to operate and offer automatic dry priming and re-priming.

Thompson’s vacuum-assisted dry priming pump is designed with an auxiliary vacuum pump that delivers the fastest priming available and high-volume pumping of liquids and air, making it the perfect choice for high-lift applications, including liquids with abrasives or suspended solids.



As the vacuum pump rotates, the vacuum produced draws air from the centrifugal pump and suction line to automatically prime the centrifugal pump.


  • Flows up to 2,550 gpm
  • Discharge heads up to 143 feet
  • Suction lift up to 25 feet
  • Solids handling up to 3 inches
  • Automatic and quick dry priming (15 feet in 15 seconds) and re-priming with built-in weighted, full-flow valve
  • Ideal for snore conditions with high air handling
  • Available with 2- or 3-vane non-clogging, semi-open, ductile iron impellers (diameter: 9.74 inches), as well as alternative pump ends for corrosive materials
  • Dry running abrasion-resistant wear plate as well as tungsten carbide mechanical seal with Viton elastomers
  • Heavy-duty class 30 cast iron frame and bearings that are grease-lubricated to carry both axial and radial loads


Consult factory for other versions & options.

Unit Model Size (In.) Max Head (Ft.) Max Capacity (GPM) Max Solids (In.)
4V 4 127 650 2
6V 6 104 1430 3
8V 8 143 2550 3


Trailer Mounts
Skid or Trailer Mounted Pumps are available either on a mobile trailer or standard skid frame.

Recon Telemetry System
Pump is operated and monitored through cellular, satellite and Wi-Fi, allowing access to pump metrics, the ability to pull reports and to set alarms through a digital dashboard.