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Thompson’s utility trash pumps provide high performance with the mobility of lightweight cast aluminum housing.

With a replaceable volute, housing, impeller, and wear plate, worn parts can be easily swapped out in the field, saving time and money. For durability, portability and flexibility, Thompson’s Utility Self-Priming Trash Pump performs over the long haul with low maintenance for continued service.



This pump requires the casing to be initially filled with water prior to operation. As the impeller turns, the center of the impeller will create a low-pressure area, and the water and air will slowly separate with water recirculating inside the pump casing. Air will then escape through the discharge allowing the pump to achieve full prime.


  • Flows up to 680 gpm
  • Discharge heads up to 98 feet
  • Suction lift up to 25 feet
  • Solids handling up to 1.75 inches
  • Wet-priming and self-priming capable
  • Built-in weighted, full-flow valve to eliminate re-priming with each cycle
  • Heavy-duty steel protective roll cage
  • Replaceable cast iron volute and impeller as well as two-ply nitrile rubber-lined wear plate
  • Lightweight anti-corrosive aluminum pump housing with front pull-out design for ease of service
  • Lightweight, portable close-coupled design


Consult factory for other versions & options.

Unit Model Size (In.) Max Head (Ft.) Max Capacity (GPM) Max Solids (In.)
2T 2 95 225 1.06
3T 3 98 435 1.50
4T 4 98 680 1.75


These units are available cage-mounted or wheel-mounted.