Trash Pump Use In Pump Station Contingency Plans

Recently, Thompson Pump offered a helpful article in Water and Waste Digest that discussed the option of using trash pumps in pump station contingency plans. It’s an alternative, modern method that has advantages over past approaches.

In the past, lift stations have been set up with diesel-driven generators or additional standby electric submersible pumps as a cost-effective means of supplying alternate power. It has proven to be a feasible solution, but many sewage spills have occurred in spite of redundant designs and backups. 

A newer approach involves the use of surface-mounted trash pumps with solids-handling capabilities and automatic self-priming. The trash pumps have provided proven performance for bypass applications. Taking portable pumps and installing them permanently provides a simple and reliable lift station redundancy strategy. 

The article outlines a specific implementation of the use of trash pumps in a new lift station in a subdivision in St. Augustine, Florida. The lift station has provided consistent uninterrupted service to homeowners through many storms and routine maintenance activities. Lane Fowler, from Royal American Construction, recommends this approach in their projects. “We recommend this solution every time. It’s the safer, smarter solution.”

To learn more details about using portable trash pumps in a pump station contingency plan, please read the whole informative article here.