Thompson Pump Promotes Lift Station Backup Pump- GSA Expo 2010

Thompson Pump & Manufacturing Co., Inc., a full-service manufacturer and provider of pumps, pumping equipment and engineering expertise, is promoting their Enviroprime System® Standby Lift Station System at the upcoming GSA Expo in Orlando, FL.

Independent backup pumps are quickly replacing generators as the ideal contingency plan for lift stations. These permanently installed standby units continue pumping despite power loss or primary pump failures. They can also act as the primary pump during routine maintenance or repairs.

For decades, surface-mounted, diesel-driven trash pumps have been the staple of sewer bypass applications. Design features such as automatic priming and solids handling have brought simplicity and reliability to the portable pumping market. Now, the stationary lift station market can benefit from these same features.

Thompson Enviroprime System® pumps are available in sizes 3” through 18” and can easily handle flows to 11,000 gallons-per-minute (GPM) and solids to 4.25” in diameter. The exclusive Thompson Enviroprime System® system actively prevents sewage spills, unlike other automatic priming systems.


  • Fully automatic system begins pumping as sewage levels rise
  • Fully independent, diesel-driven, stand alone pumping unit permanently installed
  • Provides backup during emergencies but also for routine maintenance
  • User friendly- remote monitoring and notification integration
  • Less expensive than comparable diesel generators
  • More fuel efficient than comparable diesel generators
  • Various sizes available to handle light or heavy backup flows
  • Less complicated- no need for complex power transfer switches
  • Sound-attenuated enclosure not only reduces noise but also provides a secure, lockable canopy that prevents tampering and equipment damage
  • Compact design offers trouble-free surface-mounting with a smaller footprint thank a comparable generator


About Thompson Pump

In June of 2009, Thompson Pump was awarded Contract GS-07F-0140V by the Unites States General Service Administration (GSA) to provide pumping equipment to U.S. Government agencies. The five-year contract establishes the terms and conditions, including special government pricing. The new contract provides specified GSA discounts and fast shipment to government agencies. The GSA contract ensures that Thompson Pump is a recognized and able supplier of products for government use. In addition, it provides assurance that Thompson Pump products are of the highest quality and the company model is ethical and professional.


Thompson Pump products are immediately available to U.S. government agencies, as well as state and local governments under the GSA Cooperative Purchasing program. More information about Thompson Pump can be found in the GSA eLibrary at Orders can be placed online through the GSA Advantage website at


As part of GSA Schedule 84, Thompson Pump products can be purchased as emergency preparedness items. This allows state and local agencies to be proactive and prepare for emergencies instead of waiting for a major disaster to occur.


About the GSA Expo

GSA is the Federal government’s preferred source for quality commercial products and services, and the GSA Training Conference and Expo is GSA’s primary customer outreach event. GSA will be hosting the 16th annual GSA Training Conference and Expo on May 4–6, 2010, in Orlando, Florida. Exhibiting is only available to companies that hold current contracts with GSA. More information about the GSA Expo can be found online at


Visit us at the GSA Expo, Booth #1015 in Orlando, FL May 5-6.