Thompson Pump Debuts Concept “Pump of the Future”

Thompson Pump kicked off the 2017 CONEXPO-Con/AGG unveiling its concept “Pump of the Future” at the conference recently in Las Vegas. Thompson Pump manufactures top-quality pumps and related equipment, and provides engineering expertise for dewatering operations for construction, bypass and emergency applications.


What’s so unique about this concept pump? The answer is in what you hear; or more specifically, what you don’t hear. Typical operating noise from diesel-driven pumps is excessive and undesirable … and in some cases can even cause permanent hearing damage to workers at or near job sites where pumps are being utilized.


The company’s Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system mitigates unwanted sound from diesel-driven pumps by adding a secondary sound that acts to cancel the primary noise.


“When you create a secondary sound wave with the same amplitude that has an inverted phase to the original sound, the waves combine, form a new wave and effectively cancel each other out,” said Dale Conway, Vice President of Engineering for Thompson Pump. “Better still, the ANC system is completely standalone and automated – and it requires absolutely no user intervention.”


The concept pump with ANC Technology was on display at the Thompson Pump booth C30078 during the March, 2017 CONEXPO-Con/AGG at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


Thompson Pump also debuted their new RECON control panel with a live demo showcasing its smart technology, and two brand new Final Tier 4 pump offerings in its Rotary and J-Series lines.


Thompson Pump, a 47-year old family-owned company based in Port Orange, Florida, is a full-service manufacturer and provider of high-quality dewatering and construction pumps, pumping equipment and engineering expertise for dewatering, bypass, and emergency pumping applications worldwide.