Thompson Pump Climbs RER 100

Thompson Pump ranks 72nd on the 2013 Rental Equipment Register (RER) 100, rising 4 positions from 76th on the 2012 list. Considerations that contributed to the rental company’s positioning in this year’s RER 100 include enhanced internal training to improve support and customer service; an updated rental fleet to stay current with diesel engine regulation; technological improvements in fuel economy, pump efficiency, telematics and remote monitoring; and the implementation of a new CRM system to better monitor and coordinate sales efforts. Overall, Thompson Pump experienced a 16.5% rental volume hike in 2013. Thompson Pump intends to expand distribution throughout 2014 and hopes to increase their rankings in future RER 100 lists.

The 2013 RER 100 experienced the highest total rental revenue in the history of the listing totaling a double-digit growth of 10.4% increase compared to 2012 numbers. To view the 2013 RER 100 list click HERE.