Thompson Helps the Alltell Stadium, Jacksonville, FL Prepare for SUPER BOWL XXXIX

When construction began at the Alltell Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida, only one company was thought of to handle all the different dewatering needs. Thompson Pump was proud to be selected as the pump company of choice. Thompson Pump provided many different types of pumps since construction began. From diaphragm pumps and utility pumps for utility dewatering to rotary wellpoint pumps and vacuum-assisted heavy-duty trash pumps for groundwater removal and rainwater control, Thompson Pump was seen throughout the stadium.

The reconstruction project is scheduled for completion before the beginning of the 2004 season, and with crews working in many different areas of the construction site, work is progressing on schedule. Construction can be found all over the grounds including the parking area, stadium facility, a new escalator system, and a new skybox.