Pump Keeps Going and Going and Going

Early in 1996, Jerry Johnstone, Director of Operations and Planning for the Horry County (SC) Solid Waste Authority, selected Thompson pump as their supplier for a six-inch trash pump. On May 17, 1996, Thompson 6TSV-DJDST-4039 Open Trash/Sewage Pump, serial number 085 was shipped to the Solid Waste Authority in Conway, SC. Shortly after receipt of the pump, the 6TSV was put into action pumping out a sediment basin and helping to control stormwater. The nature of the applications called for 24/7 pumping, and that’s just what the pump has done.

In the eight years that Director Johnstone has had the pump, he estimates that it has been down for maintenance or repair about 15 days per year. That works out to an amazing reliability factor 96% of potential time!

And, 96% of eight years means over 67,000 hours of operation! Potentially, the 6TSV could have pumped over seven billion gallons of fluid!

In addition, Director Johnstone notes, the cost for maintenance and repair has been about $8,000, or about $1,000 per year. The Horry County Solid Waste Authority adheres to a regular maintenance schedule and that has provided benefits to them by helping prevent significant failures costing them extra expense and unnecessary downtime. The 6TSV has required only wear item replacement, engine work and float system replacement in spite of its constant use in a very demanding and abrasive application.

Thanks to the performance of 6TSV-085, the Horry County Solid Waste Authority has purchased another Thompson six-inch trash pump – this one a 6TSC Compressor Assisted Dry Priming Open Trash/Sewage pump with the Enviroprime® Priming System. The reason?

6TSV-085. ‘The pump’s worked great for us’ noted Director Johnson. What else is there to say!?

Thanks to Don Polzin, CSC salesman, for alerting the Marketing Department to this story.