Industry-Leading Technology and Innovation Highlighted at WEFTEC

For the first time at any exhibition, Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Company will feature its emergency back lift station at the Water Environment Federation’s Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) 2019. The company will have the backup lift station and one other heavy-duty portable diesel-powered pump on hand. As one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of these pumps, Thompson Pump will attend the WEFTEC September 21-25 in Chicago. WEFTEC is the largest conference of its kind in North America, offering education and training in industry-leading technologies like those of Thompson Pump.


Thompson Pump will feature its industry-leading Emergency Backup Lift Station Standby System – 6” compressor-assisted solids handling pump (Model 6JSCE-DJDS-45T-UC). This end-suction centrifugal pump has the ability to dry-prime and re-prime automatically, and is equipped with a sound attenuation canopy and UL-142 double walled fuel tank. The diesel-driven backup pump is quickly replacing generator backup systems as the preferred contingency plan. This system continues pumping despite power loss or primary pumping failures, and acts as the primary pumping system during maintenance or repairs.  


“This backup system is a byproduct of our innovation and creativity,” said Ryan McHugh, East Coast Regional Manager at Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Company. “Not only is it replacing what was the industry standard, but it’s doing so in an eco-friendly way. It is a part of our Enviroprime System® which is unlike any other automated priming system, actively preventing blow-by from discharging on the ground.”


The company will also feature its 6” solids handling vacuum-assisted pump (Model 6JSVEE-DDST-2.9T-M) at WEFTEC. With its heavy-duty cast-iron construction and fast priming capabilities, this solids handling trailer mounted jet pump leads the industry in municipal, construction, industrial and mining applications.


Thompson Pump continues to manufacture and design pumps for the needs of municipalities, construction, mining, oil and gas, plants and refineries, and environmental remediation, as it has for the past 50 years. With the newest technologies and specialty designs, Thompson Pump continues to be the leading manufacturer of portable equipment and remains on the leading edge of pre-construction and pre-engineered sales.


“We work with design engineers to make sure we have the right pump for each project ,” said Dave Perry, Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Company’s Municipal Sales Manager.