Hurricane Pumparedness

The Thompson Pump family is dedicated to helping pump owners and municipalities weather the storm. Here are a number of ways you can “Pumpare” now to minimize the risks and downtime during and after a storm.


 INSPECT YOUR PUMPS Now is the time to identify potential problems

 SERVICE YOUR PUMPS  Make sure they’re properly maintained and ready for increased demand

 CORRECT FITTINGS & HOSES A storm is not the right time to find out they’re worn or mismatched

   CLEAN OUT DRAINS Clear all storm drains and culverts in the area to prevent blockage

 PUMP DOWN LAKES & PONDS Reducing water levels in retention ponds and reservoirs can prevent flooding

 CHECK FUEL SUPPLIES Fuel can be scarce before, during, and after a storm

   SPARE PARTS Identify and stock up for normal maintenance emergency repairs