Happy 40th Anniversary, Thompson Pump!

Thompson Pump & Manufacturing Co., Inc., a full-service manufacturer and provider of pumps, pumping equipment and engineering expertise, is celebrating its 40th year providing innovative pumps and pumping solutions.


Over the last 40 years Thompson Pump has grown to be a global leader in the portable pump industry and is responsible for pioneering pumps and dewatering methods that have permanently changed the dewatering and bypass pumping landscape. Thompson Pump is poised for another 40 years of innovation, delivering new pump-related solutions to give customers a competitive edge.


“I am proud to celebrate this landmark achievement as it is a record of accomplishment that represents our resilience in an ever-changing industry,” said Bill Thompson, Thompson Pump president.  “I credit this milestone to our unique ability to provide a higher-quality pump with skilled personnel to support the product.”


George A. Thompson founded Thompson Wellpoint & Rubber Company in 1970 with three employees including himself, and his sons, Bill and George Jr. George Sr. began inventing, patenting, and building pump products that earned him a reputation for innovation including vacuum-assisted wellpoint pumps, high-pressure jet pumps and diaphragm pumps to service customers throughout the Central Florida area.  In 1973, George Sr., an industry pioneer, introduced the first self-priming, positive displacement, rotary lobe pump to the construction industry for pumping ground water through wellpoint systems.  Thompson quickly became the market leader as the rotary pump proved to be very efficient at wellpoint dewatering.


Today, Thompson Pump, led by Bill Thompson, president, operates sales, rental and service centers throughout the United States and utilizes more than 30 regional, national and international distributors in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. The company serves the pumping, dewatering and bypass needs of more than 3,000 national and international customers including underground utilities, road building, heavy construction and remediation; as well as mining, industrial, and agricultural operations; municipalities, the military and other government agencies.  A full-service manufacturer and provider of high quality pumps, ranging in size from 2”-18”, Thompson Pump provides pump rental, sale, design, installation and operation.  Their entire line of pumps includes wet and dry-prime trash pumps, utility trash pumps, sound attenuated models, diaphragm pumps, hydraulic submersible pumps, high-pressure pumps and wellpoint pumps as well as bypass systems, wellpoint systems and a complete line of accessories.

It is common to see Thompson’s pumps on some of the largest and most challenging projects in the world. Whether the job requires cleaning up an oil spill in Alaska, raising a submarine in the Atlantic, moving an east coast lighthouse, fighting western fires, controlling floods across the U.S., handling an irrigation project in Africa or dealing with a tragic disaster in New York, Thompson Pump is there. For more information, call (800) 767-7310 or log onto www.thompsonpump.com.