Celebrating 15 Years – Thompson Pump Kansas City Branch

The Kansas City branch will need more candles on its birthday cake this year. The branch turns 15 years old, and its managers say it’s grown exponentially since opening in 2002.

The Kansas City branch is one of 20 factory -owned Thompson Pump branches nationwide. This location serves customers in the Midwest, including Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska. It also serves Thompson distributors throughout the entire Midwest territory, including Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Minnesota, part of Illinois and part of Wisconsin.
Thompson Pump relocated its Kansas City, Kansas branch in early 2005 to a much larger site in order to serve the large region. The current location provides a 4-acre site, with nearly 10,000-square-feet of onsite inventory space.

The branch is run under the leadership of Branch Manager Darrell Sissel and Regional Manager Pat Broderick. Sissel joined Thompson Pump over 11 years ago, and brings more than 35 years of experience in the heavy and light equipment industry. Sissel has broad knowledge of pump applications, and is eager to provide local support to both the private and public sector. “Rental activity has picked up in 2016,” Sissel said.

Before joining Thompson Pump, Sissel spent 21 years with Victor L Phillips Co., a regional heavy construction equipment dealer. Later, he worked for United Rentals for six years as a branch manager selling and renting pumps. Sissel and his wife have been married for 26 years and they have 2 children together; 18 and 30 years old. He is thrilled to live and work in the city he calls home. “We have a great team here,” he said.

Drew Mathews, Kansas City Sales Manager, is the main point of contact for contractors and dewatering customers in the region. According to the branch, Mathews is considered the most knowledgeable with various Thompson applications, hence does all the bypass and dewatering quoting. “Drew has many years with us as the application expert and he possesses a construction management degree which is very helpful,” Regional Manager Pat Broderick stated.

The Midwest crew consists of many brilliant individuals, including Regional Service Manager Art Lindberg with over 40 years’ experience working on pumps and controls, and Mark Cadwell also with 40 years’ practice in the pump industry. Currently, Cadwell is the primary Midwest contact for pump parts and accessories.

The branch offers various seminars on bypass pumping and site dewatering to assist customers including local municipalities, engineers, distributors, and contractors. “It’s important to educate our customers on the products that we offer,” Sissel said.

Keep in mind, when you buy or rent from our Kansas City Branch you not only have the support of the branch, but the entire Thompson Pump network. The location provides a full line of Thompson Pump products for sale or rent and the expertise to provide solutions for dewatering, bypass and special pumping applications.

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