Warranty Claim Form

Warranty Claim Form

Please read the following before submitting a warranty claim.

• For engine related warranty claims, please contact the engine manufacturer.

• The Thompson Pump warranty does not cover the cost of rental or loaner equipment.

• The Thompson Pump warranty does not cover the shipping cost of replacement and/or the return of damaged parts.

• Once the warranty claim is received, a purchase order must be issued to cover all costs associated with parts and shipping related to the warranty. A return goods authorization will also be issued with the sales order to return affected parts. When the returned parts are received and the claim is fully assessed, a credit will be issued for the parts covered under warranty or a claim rejection letter will be sent explaining the claim’s rejection.

• When completing the warranty claim form please include all available information. There may be a delay in processing warranty claims if information is omitted.

Warranty Claim Form

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