Thompson Pump Provides Sock Dewatering and Jobsite Assistance for the Construction of the Old Palm Golf Course

Thompson Pump has supplied more than 32 pumps for sock dewatering being done as part of the creation
of manmade lakes in the lower section of the Old Palm Golf Course in West Palm Beach, Florida. Thompson
Pump has been the pump-of-choice on this project, due to the high quality of our pumps, expertise in
dewatering applications, our branch location and our ability to provide round-the-clock presence on the
jobsite. All of these factors ensure that the dewatering work is completed well within schedule.
A current project plan shows the scope of the entire project.

Plans for development called for the creation of 15 manmade lakes. The first phase (in the red box shown at left), constituted of 3 of the 15 lakes, and began
with the excavation of each lake, sock dewatering and general groundwater dewatering to allow for the laying of a rubber liner at the bottom of the lake for protection.

Due to the massive size of the project, Thompson Pump supplied a service technician with a fully stocked vehicle to be available on-site 24/7. The technician
would travel to each of the 32 pumping locations, and tune, check and repair the sock systems and pumps to ensure topnotch operation.

Gary Beal, Project Manager; Troy Yarborough, Foreman; and Jack Brackett, Senior Project Manager and Senior Estimator from Central Florida Excavating & Fill Dirt, Inc., along with WCI Communities, owners of the Old Palm Golf Course were pleased with the pumps’ performance and the quick service response from Thompson Pump personnel assigned to the project.