Ohio River Bypass Keeps Drinking Water Flowing in Henderson, KY

The Henderson, Kentucky Drinking Water Treatment Plant faced a potentially critical situation when a high-service turbine pump, responsible for drawing water from the pump station to the water towers throughout the city, malfunctioned. 

By: Mark Singleton, North Central Regional Manager for Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Company


Henderson Water Utility (HWU) needed to maintain the continuous water flow from the high-service pump station to the water tower to ensure the drinking water supply remained uninterrupted. Teams quickly determined a bypass would be necessary while they repaired the turbine pump. Crews also needed to ensure the bypass pump could handle the high flow and head conditions and was capable of pumping five to six million gallons of drinking water daily.


To address the issue, HWU contacted KM Specialty Pumps & Systems, Inc., a Thompson Pump distributor. The KM Specialty team determined Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Company’s 18JSVJ pump would be the perfect solution for handling the temporary water transfer from the high-service intake structure to the water towers. This 18-inch centrifugal pump has a maximum head of 195 feet, a maximum capacity of 8,800 gallons per minute, three-inch solids handling, Thompson Pump’s exclusive OVT (oil-less vacuum technology) dry priming for rapid priming, and the exclusive Enviroprime System® that eliminates product blow-by, making this pump reliable, durable, highly efficient and economical with lower fuel costs. 


By implementing the Thompson Pump 18JSVJ as a temporary bypass solution, the Henderson Water Plant was able to mitigate the impact of the turbine pump going down and maintain an uninterrupted supply of clean drinking water to the community over the six-month project.

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