Be Hurricane “Pumpared”

Thompson Pump Shares Steps to Take Before the Next Hurricane Hits

The time to prepare for hurricane season is now. Central Florida communities remember dealing with the impacts of back-to-back storms just two years ago, including Hurricane Ian, that flooded many neighborhoods. Now, the 2024 hurricane season is predicted to be even more active than first thought with 25 named storms, 12 hurricanes and six major hurricanes making landfall. Here in Central Florida, we know it only takes one storm to do significant damage and during the storm is not the time to find out your pump and equipment are not working properly.

Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Company, a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty, diesel-powered bypass and dewatering pumps, is dedicated to helping municipalities, rental distributors and all other public entities be “pumpared” and minimize the risks of downtime during and after the storm. While storm preparedness is a year-round job, Thompson Pump shares some well-thought-out steps that go a long way toward reducing a hurricane’s negative impacts on a city and its citizens, essential services and the overall economy.

  • Inspect Pumps

Checking your pumps now is essential to identify any potential problems

  • Service Pumps & Equipment

Double-check that your equipment, including fittings and hoses, is properly maintained to ensure everything is ready for any increased demand

  • Clean Drains

Cleaning out drains and culverts helps to prevent blockages in high-water events

  • Pump Down Lakes and Ponds

Reducing the water levels in retention ponds and reservoirs can help prevent flooding

  • Check Fuel Supplies

Make sure you have enough fuel for your pump before supplies become scarce

  • Stock Up on Spare Parts

Determine what parts may be needed for emergency repairs and get them

  • Identify the Most Susceptible Areas

Knowing which areas may be the most susceptible to storm damage can help you make sure those are serviced first and immediately

“In 2022, we were all impacted by the devastating flooding from the storms that left parts of our communities underwater … a terrible situation that highlights the urgency of making sure we are all prepared for the storms,” said Chris Thompson, President of Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Company. “As storms approach, call volumes for emergency maintenance assistance go up and it’s often too late to do everything that needs to be done in hopes of minimizing any damage. That’s why it’s critical to get ready now.”

Thompson Pump manufactures and sells a complete line of pumps for inclement weather and emergency response. For more information, visit