Thompson Pump ERT


When disasters easily cost millions of dollars a day, minimizing the impact of just one minor disaster pays for the investment in the first few hours, and you can rest easy knowing you have the full knowledge base and experience of the Thompson Pump Emergency Response Team at your service.

Nothing beats having the right equipment on hand to deal with an emergency in a moment’s notice. You need to be prepared.

Having pumps already on the ground, such as an emergency backup lift station system, is the best way to be prepared and stay ahead of an emergency situation. The ERT will work with you and your business to ensure that you have the best possible equipment in place in case a disaster unfolds.


Superstorm Sandy. The WTC Devastation. Hurricane Katrina. The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. Three of our nation’s most devastating disasters, all with significant and crucial pumping needs.

Superstorm Sandy:

The unwatering of the Northeast areas affected by Hurricane Sandy required 24/7 rapid response until the crisis was under control. We evaluated all avenues where we could assist in disaster relief and committed our pumps and dewatering expertise to help anyone in need.

WTC Devastation:

The September 11, 2001 US disaster presented a critical pumping challenge. There was major flooding from underneath the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and flooding in the mile long train tunnels under the Hudson River. It was imperative that flood water was cleared to prevent a collapse. The Emergency Response Team (ERT) quickly coordinated and assembled a vast pump and pipe system, which successfully removed floodwaters within 24 hours.

Hurricane Katrina:

Thompson Pump mobilized the Emergency Response Team (ERT) to provide pumping equipment, supplies and manpower to Gulf Coast areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina on August 29th, 2005. Company-wide branch locations, distributors and dealers answered the call and by that Monday, 23 pumps and more than 3,000 feet of galvanized pipe were on the way to New Orleans. Thompson Pump brought its Emergency Response Team’s unmatched experience, making an immensely positive impact on the immediate disaster relief efforts.

Exxon Valdez Spill:

When the Exxon Valdez oil tanker spilled an estimated 10.8 million gallons of crude oil on March 24, 1989, the ERT faced a disaster like no other. Twenty-two 6” Heavy Duty Self-Priming Trash pumps were strategically brought in to skim surface oil into barges for transfer and disposal. The ERT also supplied portable trash pumps for shore clean-up efforts.


The ERT ensures you’re prepared and have the right equipment for every situation, considering environmental, seasonal and geographical factors. The Team evaluates every situation and is committed to utilizing their equipment and experience to assist in disaster relief efforts.

That’s the Thompson Pump difference.


Call 1-800-767-7310 for your local branch and to find out more about the ERT.