Dry Prime Trash Pumps


Thompson Pump offers the revolutionary Compact pump series featuring all the benefits of the popular Thompson Pump JSC series with the added advantage of a smaller compact size, lighter weight, fewer parts, less maintenance and lower price. The Thompson Compact pump is 35% smaller and 20% lighter but offers the same great performance as a standard size pump with a 24-hour run time fuel tank. Available in the most common diesel-drive portable pump sizes of 4” and 6”, the Compact series offers an economical alternative to similar sized portable pumps – a significant savings compared to standard 4” and 6” compressor-assisted pumps. Best of all, Thompson Pump’s Compact pump series includes the revolutionary Enviroprime System® which provides reliable, automatic priming with the environmental advantage of not spilling pump fluids onto the ground.



Includes all of the traditional JSC series benefits:


 Solids handling – up to 3”

 Automatic priming – dry-priming and re-priming

 Eco-Friendly – Enviroprime System®

 High Pressure  - capability often needed for sewage force mains

 Versatile – able to provide solutions for multiple fluid moving applications

 Uncomplicated – easy operation and maintenance

 Silent Knight® – sound attenuated canopy available

 Auto Start/Stop – available

 Heavy Duty – built stronger with better quality materials and engineered performance


The Thompson Pump Compact pump series innovations:


 Compact – 35% smaller footprint

 Performance  - same as standard size pump

 Lighter – 20% weight reduction

 Less Maintenance – less parts - removal of several redundant parts that are no longer needed with the latest diesel engines

 Reliable – less parts – less to fail

 24-Hour Run Time

Less Expensive – costs significantly less than standard size pumps

 Guaranteed - performance


Available in 4" (4JSCMN) and 6" (JSCEN) models.

* Additional Engine, Trailer and Canopy options available.

Performance Chart

Performance Chart
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